Best Way To Buy A Watch

Looking to buy a watch is comparable to buying a car. The options are endless, the prices fluctuate like mad, and everyone claims to be the best way to buy, so what really is the best way to buy a watch in 2020? In this List, we will delve into different watch marketplaces and which type is right for you. 

Brick And Mortar (Retail Stores, Pawn Shops, Ect) 


  • The Experience
  • Being Able To ”Try Before You Buy”
  • Trust Factor
  • Bring Home Same Day As Purchased


  • Less Of A Selection
  • Can Be More Expensive
  • More Effort Put Into Purchase
  • Travel 

If you are the type of person who gets enjoyment out of the shopping experience and likes to try things on before willing to hand over your hard-earned money then buying a watch from a brick and mortar store may be for you! Some things to consider are that for luxury watches in particular you have to be willing to travel as the luxury watch you want is more than likely not going to be for sale in your hometown. The Experience of searching all over for the watch you desire and being able to bring the piece home right when you buy it may be enough for you to ignore the drawbacks to the search.



  • Amazon Customer Service 
  • Fast Shipping 
  • Reviews
  • Selection


  • Not Knowing How The Watch Looks On You
  • No Warranty 
  • Scam Potential 
  • Lack Of Trust

Amazon is huge and the section of products on amazon is unbeatable, this fact is true of watches too. There are certainly some exceptions but any watch your average collector could want can be found on amazon, this selection allows you to compare prices and most of the time find the exact variation of a watch you want. Pair the selection with the fast shipping and amazon customer services and amazon is a great place to check when in the market for a watch. The negatives that affect buying a watch from amazon are not true only of amazon but buying a watch online as opposed to a physical store. Amazon is a good first choice to look at when wanting to buy a watch online

eBay, Chrono 24, Or Other Online Watch Marketplaces


  • Ease Of Search 
  • Almost Unlimited Inventory
  • Good If You Know Exactly What You Want
  • Prices Lower For Resale Selection 


  • More Scam Risk Then Amazon
  • Same As Amazon
  • Shipping Time Is Determined By Seller 

People who find value in the used market, eBay, Chrono24, or other online watch marketplaces could be a great option! There’s a bit of blind trust associated with the used online watch market but returns on most of these sites aren’t too bothersome. The lower price offered on these sites usually comes with longer shipping times then say amazon but for a lot of people, the discount is worth the wait. For people who don’t know what they want these marketplaces can be overwhelming due to the serious selection but for the collectors that desire a particular watch, online watch marketplaces can be great places to compare and find the best price and model.

Direct From Company Or Authorized Dealer


  • Trust Factor 
  • Factory Warranty
  • Brand New, First Owner 


  • Wait Time 
  • MSRP Price

In most cases, buying a watch directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer is the most expensive way to buy a watch as both will charge the MSRP price which in most cases decreases with time on the open market. Some watches are also not in stock so you will have to wait until one becomes available when buying directly from the company or authorized dealer and this can be a long wait. While these are some big drawbacks for many, for some the trust, quality guarantee, and factory warranty are worth to price. Not to mention being the first to own a watch is a big deal for some buyers. 

 Watch Forums And Micro Dealers 


  • Sense Of Community 
  • Ma And Pop Shop Quality Service
  • Good Deals To Be Had
  • Barbering 


  • Highest Scam Potential And Lack Of Trust 
  • No Guaranteed Returns

Watch forums and micro dealers are unalike the other watch buying sources on this list. Forums offer a community appeal of being surrounded by those who are passionate about watches too and these people are often willing to part with their pieces at a fair price. Both micro dealers and watch forums offer the opportunity to trade watches and trading is practiced often whereas the other sellers on this list are not open for the trading of watches. These enticing benefits don’t come without a downside though as returns are often up to the seller’s discretion as is not to case with the rest of the sellers on this list. With the fact that returns are not guaranteed, buying a watch from a micro dealer or watch forum comes with more buyer responsibility to ensure the seller is a trusted source with a good name in the community. As long as you are able to pick out the trustworthy sellers from the scam artists, buying or trading for a watch from a watch forum or micro dealer could be the best option for you! 

There is no one true best option for everyone when looking to add a new timepiece to your collection but we hope this list helps you to decide which buying option is the best for you. In any case, do your research and decide what about the buying experience is truly important to you given the trade-offs and you’ll surely be happy with your journey to buying a new watch. Now that you have an idea of where to buy watches why not check out our list of the top ten watches under $100! Please comment and share this article if you found it helpful and join midnight watches for more content like this “for watch people” thanks for reading!


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