Watch Showdown: Omega Seamster 300 VS. Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster 300 are perhaps the most respected watches within the diver watch category. Both of these iconic pieces to most are associated with nothing but quality, pinnacles of what a driver watch can be. but is the lesser-priced Omega Seamaster 300 better than the iconic Rolex Submariner? This is the question we will attempt to answer in this watch showdown of the Omega Seamaster 300 VS. the Rolex Submariner, which of these luxury watches is the better buy for you?

In order to answer this strongly subjective question, we will compare each watch in seven different categories that most people would look for in a dive watch. These categories are:

  1. Water Resistance 
  2. Price
  3. Resale 
  4. Power Reserve
  5. Time Accuracy 
  6. Watch Recognition 
  7. Durability 
Rolex Submariner

Water Resistance 

For any watch competing in the driver category, water-resistance of the watch is a spec that holds some serious weight. Both of these luxury watches have water resistance capable of handling most any non-extreme diving venture with the omega seamster 300 coming equipped with a water resistance of 300 meters as expressed in its name. The basic model Rolex Submariners also come standard with 300 meters of water resistance. When it comes to water resistance neither Rolex nor Omega gets the edge so there are no points awarded for this category. We think it’s worth shouting out a watch that completely excels in this category, that watch being the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep Sea with a staggering water-resistance of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet)!

Round Edge- Tie 

Omega Seamster 300 diver


While it is true, at least in our opinion that the joy that can be brought by a luxury watch is impossible to attach a price tag too, for most people cost is an important thing to consider when shopping for a luxury watch. Omega has a heavy edge in pricing with their Seamaster 300 priced in the 3-5 thousand dollar price range. The Rolex Submariner is a bit more pricey, this is especially due to the fact they are almost impossible to get straight from Rolex causing the grey market price to soar. Most collectors will be hard-pressed to find a Rolex Submariner for under $7,000 and this is for the most basic models. If you are wondering how to buy these pieces for the best prices offered by the watch market check out our article on the best way to buy a watch

Round Edge- Seamaster 300 

Price of Rolex Submariner


If you are the kind of collector who likes to buy watches new from factory, you’ll be better off buying the Rolex Submariner rather than the Omega Seamster. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy a Submariner directly from Rolex you can be sure your watch will not lose much value at all and the value may even increase if you ever decide to part with the watch. The Omega Seamaster 300 does not have the same resale market as the Submariner because the demand for these watches isn’t quite as high while the supply is much higher, you are better off buying a Seamaster used because if not you can expect to lose considerable money to depreciation. If you’re curious how to sell a watch check out our article on how to sell a watch.

Round Edge- Submariner

save the ocean omega Seamaster 300

Power Reserve 

Power Reserve is the amount of time that a mechanical or automatic will keep ticking after being wound or worn. The Rolex Submariner has a very impressive 48-hour power reserve considering its comparatively small movement. The Omega Seamaster 300 has 48 hours of power reserve as well so both these watches can sit for two days after wear and keep great time, when it comes to power reserve there is no edge between these two watches. 

Round Edge- Tie

Rolex Submariner Movement

Time Accuracy 

When saying time accuracy we are referring to how much time a watch will lose or gain causing it to differ from the actual time due to many factors within the watches movement and eternal factors. Everyone wants their watch to tell accurate time so time accuracy should be an influential factor when deciding which watch to buy. The Omega Seamaster has an accuracy of about -4 to +6 seconds per day. The Rolex Submariner has an accuracy from factory of no more than +2/-2 seconds per day. For accuracy, the Rolex Submariner most certainly holds the edge. 

Round Edge- Submariner

omega seamster 300 movement

Watch Recognition

Most people when buying a luxury watch do so for their own personal enjoyment of the piece but for most, there’s an element of desire for others to notice and appreciate the beauty residing on their wrist. It should be no surprise that the Rolex Submariner is superior in this category as Rolex is, without doubt, the most recognizable watch brand in the world with the submariner being one of there most their most recognizable offerings. Omega is still a very recognizable brand especially to watch people, but non-watch people may have never heard of Omega. Going further the seamster is not even Omegas’ most recognizable watch, that honor has to go to their moon watch or Speedmaster. The Submariner takes the edge in recognition 

Round Egde- Submariner 

Rolex submariner hulk


Both of these watches are without a doubt durable, as should be the case with watches in the luxury watch price range. The Rolex Submariner is made from 904L steel which is among the strongest steels available, the Submariner also uses sapphire crystal in its viewing window and ceramic in their bezels, both extremely hard and scratch-resistant materials. The Omega Seamaster 300 also uses a sapphire crystal viewing window and a ceramic bezel but the Seamster uses 316L steel which has the same hardness grade of hardness as Rolex’s 904L steel. Due to these similarities it is impossible to say one watch is more durable than the other, both these watches can take a beating and keep on ticking.

Round Edge- Tie 

beat up Rolex submariner

Winner, Rolex Submariner

In the end, the Rolex Submariner was better than the Omega Seamster 300 in 3 categories while the Omega Seamster was only better in 1 category. Going only off of these 7 categories the Rolex Submariner is better than the Omega Seamaster 300, however, these categories are not the end all be all of this debate as there are countless other factors to consider with these two watches. Every collector also places different levels of importance on features of watches so at the end of the day do your research to determine which of these two are the better option for you. In our opinion, neither of these watches could be a bad choice and both will make most collectors happy with there decision.  

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