Doxa Sub 200: Watch Highlight

The Doxa Sub 200 is a watch cast to the shadows from the likes of the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster. For those collectors looking for an outstanding diver watch but not willing to spend a house down payment, the Sub 200 is a watch that may be able to fill that void. We attempt to bring some attention to this under-appreciated watch and you just might add this watch to your wish list after learning about it in this watch highlight, the Doxa Sub 200.


When it comes to understanding any watch you must first start with its conception, how that watch came to be. We will link to the full history of the Doxa watch company but in summary, the company was started in 1880 by Georges Ducommun in the small Swiss town of Le Locle. Georges was driven by innovation and precision in watchmaking,  leading him to create the company “Georges Ducommun Fabriques Doxa” now known simply as “Doxa.” Doxa’s most popular models the “Sub” line traces it’s root’s to 1967, in collaboration with diving-legend Jacques-Yves Cousteau Doxa, set out to create a diving watch affordable to the public but designed for military and professional applications, fast forward to today and it’s safe to say they have succeeded. 

Vintage Doxa Watch
Vintage Doxa Watch


The Doxa Sub 200 packs a whole lot into its $990 price tag with detail and attention given down to the very last screw. The watches case is 316L Stainless steel with a premium sapphire crystal dommed lens. Doxa gives buyers the option between a distinct beads of rice bracelet or an FKM rubber strap. The Sub 200 has dimensions of 42 x 45 mm, a lug width of 19mm, and a thickness of 14 mm. Taking into consideration Doxa’s Swiss roots, it is no surprise that the quality of the Sub 200 is in-line with other more well known Swiss watchmakers.


It may be pointing out the obvious, but the dial is certainly the star of the show for the Doxa Sub 200. Doxas beautiful color selection for dials creates a feeling of personalization for the wearer, a dial that begs for attention in all the right ways. The selection Doxa currently offers for the Sub 200 includes the following 

All of these dial variations come standard with Super-Luminova and a date window complication. 

Doxa Sub-200 Aquamarine
Doxa Sub-200 Aquamarine


The biggest draw to the Doxa Sub 200 has to be the value, you get a whole lot of watch for a low $990 price tag relative to other automatic Swiss divers. For $990 you get 200 meters of water resistance, a screw-down crown, domed sapphire lens, ETA 2824-2 automatic movement and so much more. With the Sub 200, you get a plethora of luxury watch features in a beautiful standout watch costing thousands of dollars less than other luxury divers in the same category. It is for these reasons we feel the Doxa Sub 200 deserves more spotlight, even though it may not bring the same recognition as watches like the submariner or Seamaster, the Sub 200 still commands respect with its unique image and unmistakable Swiss quality.

Doxa Sub 200 diving star
Doxa Sub 200 diving star

After having some light shed upon this watch, hopefully you can understand why we and so many others feel that the Doxa Sub 200 is an incredible diving water deserving of more praise than it receives. Doxa and their sub line in particular has a cult like following and for good reason, they make great watches. Doxa spends less money on marketing and advertising which allows them to invest more into premium materials for their watches and better quality construction, in essence, Doxa watches are the furthest you can get from fashion watches, they are a true watch persons watch.

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