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It may come as surprise to some watch collectors but there are people who desire only one watch or a daily wearer that will get the job done day in and out. For these people, we put together a list of watches at five different price ranges that are great for a single watch collection. It is first important to define what makes a watch a good for a single watch collection that being versatility to be dressed up or down, ability to match well with most outfits, reliable and accurate timekeeping, and a watch not overly specialized in one area such as the Cartier Tank dress watch. With the parameters established let’s get into the best-one watch collection watches at five different price ranges. 

Under $100- Casio MDV106-1AV Duro

Some watch enthusiasts may scald the fact that a quartz Casio makes a “best of” list but this watch packs a whole lot of value in it’s under $50 price tag. This watch has a water resistance of 200 meters, and it keeps a great time as all quartz watches should, these two factors alone make the Casio Duro a suitable watch for divers on a budget. When you add in the unidirectional rotating bezel, hardened mineral crystal, and solid stainless steel construction this watch becomes a solid watch for a diver at any price range. So with the Casio Duros diver star potential established, we have to identify why this watch is perfect for a budget one watch collection. The Casio Duro has versatility being able to perform in both sporty, casual, and diving settings, you could even dress this watch up on a leather strap if needed in a pinch. Durability is another aspect that makes this watch a great one watch collection piece due to the fact it’s set on a comfortable rubber strap, utilizes a stainless steel case, hardened mineral crystal lens, and it’s quartz in house Casio 2784 workhorse movement with a battery life of 3 years! Another key aspect of this watch that bodes well for its one watch collection potential is its styling. The Casio Duro uses simple, understated but attractive colors allowing it to look at home with almost any outfit. This watches 44 mm width and 12 mm thickness are admittedly large but the watch wears smaller and these large dimensions make this watch easily legible which is a great thing to have with a daily wearer and the best-one watch collection piece under $100.

Casio MDV106-1AV Duro

Under $500- Seiko SKX007 

If you’re a fan of Seiko or watches in general it should be no surprise that the Seiko SKX007 is on this list. Seikos SXK077 is a diver watch and a good one at that with 200-meter water resistance and a unidirectional rotating bezel. The reason the Seiko SKX007 is a good selection for a one watch collection is for much of the same reasons as the Casio Duro including its color options fitting almost any outfit and range of wearability in casual, sporty, and dressy settings. The SKX007 comes with the option of a stainless steel jubilee bracelet or rubber strap with leather straps also wearing nicely although not factory offered. The aspects that make the Seiko SKX007 leagues above the Casio Duro as suggested by its $300 price tag is the Seiko caliber 7S26 automatic movement. The caliber 7S26 movement is Seiko’s workhorse movement and is very reliable and respected in the watch community. The SKX007 comes in a comfortable 42.5  mm width and 13.25 mm thickness with the crown located at 4 o’clock so no wearer should have any problems with wearing this watch all day in the comfort department. With the Seiko SKX007 you get a reliable watch form a strong brand with attractive style and great comfort, all this makes the SKX007 the best-one watch collection watch under $500. 

Seiko skx007

Under $1000- Tissot Ballade Powermatic 80 COCS 

The Tissot Ballade is a beautiful watch costing only $925 from Tissot, a company with a rich Swiss history. These three factors alone should be enough to convince most that the Tissot Ballade is a great watch for a one watch collection. However, if you need further convincing, take into consideration what’s going on behind the scenes of this watch. The Ballade uses Tissot’s in house 25 jewel 80.811 powermatic movement with an 80-hour power reserve, chronometer, and date window, these three complications in combination are unheard-of in watches costing under $1000. The case back display window shows off this incredible work of Swiss engineering movement including a unique silicon balance wheel and its magnificent. The case of the Ballade is made from tough 316L stainless steel with dimensions of 41mm width and 9.8 mm thickness making the watch a comfortable wear. A stainless steel bracelet or leather strap are offered for the Ballade allowing the watch to be versatile for dressing up with ease and also being able to be roughed up a little and still keep great time. The Tissot Ballade is without a doubt the best-one watch collection watch for under $1000. 

Tissot Ballade

Under $5000- Omega Speedmaster 

The Omega Speedmaster is a wonderful watch with a colorful and storied history from an incredible Swiss company in Omega. The Omega Speedmaster, like all the other selections on this list, has the versatility to pretty much do it all with the simple change of a strap or bracelet and there is no shortage of straps and bracelets available for this watch from factory or independent vendors. The Omega Speedmaster has used a wide variety of movements in its long history with all being Swiss in house automatics with present-day models having a 48-hour power reserve and a variety of complications including a smalls seconds, chronograph, and tachometer. The Speedmaster case is made of tough 316L steel with a domed sapphire crystal lens and has dimensions of 42mm width and 13.8 mm thick. If you buy an Omega Speedmaster for your one watch collection, you can expect the watch to retain its value well and possibly even gain value over time, for more information on buying this watch and many others as investment pieces visit “12 best timeless watches to invest in right now.” The only possible drawback to picking this watch for your one watch collection would be its 50-meter water resistance meaning the watch is not meant for long water submersion. Far outweighing this one drawback is the fact you’re getting an iconic, history-rich watch from one of the best watchmakers on the planet capable of doing almost anything you ask of it making it the best-one watch collection watch under $5000.

Omega speedmaster

Over $5000- Rolex Submariner 

Now with the price being taken out of consideration, it should be no surprise the best one watch collection piece is a Rolex, in particular the Rolex Submariner. The reason the Rolex Submariner is perfect for a one watch collection is quite simple, it’s a Rolex Submariner. If further explanation is needed besides the obvious, this watch is iconic for a reason it has the quality shared by all members of the Rolex family with the added bonus of 300 meters of water resistance and highly scratch and dent resistance 904L stainless steel aka one of the best steels one can acquire. The Rolex Submariner also has incredible lume and large hands and indices for easy legibility. This watch also has a screw-down crown, sapphire crystal lens, ceramic unidirectional rotation bezel, date window, 48 hour power reserve, in-house caliber 3130 automatic movement, and so much more all packed into a 40 mm case. This watch is incredible, nobody needs convincing of that and it gets our vote for the best one watch collection piece costing over $5000 with the base submariners costing $7,500. This watch is one of those pieces you keep for generations, pass down to your children, if you can pick any watch for a one watch collection our vote is for this one. If you’d like to see how the Rolex Submariner compares to another luxury diver watch click here to read our post comparing the Rolex Submariner to the Omega Seamaster.

Rolex Submariner

After reading this post we hope you have a better idea of what watch would make the best daily wearer for your one watch collection. If you enjoyed this list you’ll no doubt enjoy our list of the top ten watches under $100. Thanks for reading, why not share this post so others can find a daily wearer watch for them?

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